Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my package?

Once you receive your tracking number is up to you to track your package with that tracking number I sent to your inbox, once the package is sent.

I don't give updates via DMs or answer emails asking where the package is if it's already delivered to the shipping company.

Due to the high amount of orders I recieve through time, I can't attend everyone who got their package delayed.

Packages may suffer delays once they are shipped. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it when that happens, since once the package leaves my workplace it's the shipping company's job to hand it over to you.

You will have to be aware of any custom or missed delivery notifications, if not, the package will be returned to me, and that will mean you'll have to pay shipping again if you want it sent back.

Check the Shipping and refund policy for more details.

You can track your package on the website I provide in the email with your tracking number or track it in for more accurate updates.

On this website, the company in charge of your package should appear once it arrives to your country. Is up to you to contact them if your package gets delayed or stopped by customs.

I pre-ordered an item and I haven't received it yet.

Sometimes I receive a lot of emails asking for their items that haven't been shipped yet, and I feel this happens because some customers don't know what "preorders" are.

What is a "preorder"?

These are items that are not in stock at the time of placing your order, but are made on-demand for each customer.

Meaning, that pre-ordered items take much more time to be shipped because the item is still in the production phase.

Pre-orders purpose is mainly for funding the items' production, there's no stock limit, and if you purchase the item when it's on preorder you get to secure that item for you, before the sale day comes, without the fear of the item being sold out.

Items can take weeks to be manufactured and sent to my workplace. And then, once they do, I have to prepare every single preorder to be sent to my clients, one by one.

If you preordered an item, and you still haven't received the confirmation shipping mail, I really ask you to have patience. Exact shipping dates can't be guaranteed when pre-ordering an item, since manufacturing, shipping, and
customs estimated time can sometimes be unexpectedly extended.

If you need any update, you can find them on the slideshow on my main store page, the description in the pre-ordered products, or my Instagram highlighted stories.

I don't answer to emails and DMs regarding their pre-ordered items. All updates can be found in the previously mentioned sites.

Why do I have to pay taxes?

Taxes are only applied to costumers in the European Union.

I'm a freelance worker now and I have to give a 21% of the benefits I get from sales inside the EU to my State.

Taxes are always applied at checkout only for those who live in the EU, that way I don't increase each item's value for everyone.

Shipping Policies

You will receive 2 emails when you place an order in my store:

1 confirmation email proving that your order was correctly placed and 1 email with your tracking number once your order has been shipped.

Orders may take 1-2 weeks to be shipped since there are times that I receive a lot of orders, and I have to manually prepare all of them.

I apologize in advance but please understand that there's only one person managing this small business, and it's me.

Sometimes I have to delay shippings because I'm travelling to conventions to sell my art or I'm working for publishing houses as freelance.

So if you are the impatient type please don't place an order. Also remember to check the shipping time the package will take to arrive to your home.

Standard shipping is the shipping option by default.

If you really are in a hurry for your order to arrive please contact me as soon as you place your order and I can arrange an express shipping for you.

Standard shipping time will oscillate depending on where you live:

Standard Shipping:

  • Europe: 1-2 weeks
  • America: 3-4 weeks
  • Spain (home country): 3-5 days

UPS Shipping:

  • Europe: 1 week aprox
  • America: 1-2 weeks aprox

*check the different UPS options and their respective shipping time rates at checkout

( these shipping time rates are an estimate and start counting once the package has left the post office!)

Refund Policies

I only accept refund requests if:

- your package has not been sent

- your package has been returned to me

- your package got lost for months (the tracking number expired and you still didn't recieve it)

- your package doesn't include pre-ordered items

I don't take responsibility for damaged packages. That's on the shipping company who delivered it to you. I always use best-quality padded envelopes and the item barely ever arrives damaged or broken.

Buf it happens, I can always make it up to you with a discount on yournext order or a gift card.

♥ I'll contact you via email if the package returns to me as "non-claimed" to proceed with the resending or the refund.

I always provide the shipping company with the client's phone and email, so they SHOULD contact you in any of those ways if you don't answer the door or if it's stopped by customs. If you don't claim the package in the meantime it's in your country and the shipping company tries several times to hand it over to you without your response, it will be returned to my workplace.

If that happens I'll contact you via email ASAP offering a second shipping (costs of the second shipping will be on your client's behalf).

I can refund the item's price but not the shipping cost if your package is returned.

If I email you and you don't answer within 2 weeks I'll assume there's no interest in the returned items anymore nor the refund, and I'll put them with the rest of the stock. I won't insist a second time.

I don't take responsibility if passed those 2 weeks or more the client asks me to send their package again and there's no more stock of what they ordered.

Then there won't be a chance to get any refund.


Please check the FAQs section above before placing the form.

I won't attend inquiries that are already solved in the FAQs section. Consider taking a look at my shipping and refund policies too.

If you have another kind of issue or doubt please don't hesitate to contact me using the form below!

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